Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional development program for teachers.
See how it works at Copperfield College.

Who’s involved?

12 students from the SRC in all year levels
applied to join the Teach the Teacher team, supported by the SRC in all year levels applied to join the Teach the Teacher team, supported by the SRC Coordinator, Thao Pham.

4 students
(two Year 9s and two Year 10s) facilitated the session with the Head of PE/Health.

What’s it all about?

Copperfield College aim to increase student participation and engagement, and have broader challenge to ensure that student’ voices are not only heard but are also listened to and respected.

They are also working towards a greatly more distributive and representative model of student participation to ensure that all students have the opportunity to be heard.

Ultimately, they would like to see students contributing to decision making in the areas that matter most to them.

Copperfield College aim to boost the confidence of students (so that they are not afraid to speak), let leadership students ask and give students the opportunity to offer suggestions (suggestion boxes, surveys, etc), and direct the “silent students with voices” to the appropriate leadership member who can advocate their voice to the school/ SRC.

Teach the Teacher at Copperfield College is known as Talk to the Teacher


Students identified the following topic/s for their session:

  • Curriculum


  • Increase adequate information being provided in health classes across the school.


The Head of PE/Health was so impressed with the students and what they raised that it was agreed the students would

1. Draft a new section in the Health Book on LGBITQ issues
2. The students’ proposal to include more education on LGBITQ across all year levels in Health will

Next Steps

Using key ideas identified through the program, Teach the Teacher has been used as a tool to share knowledge and learnings between students and teachers and to plan for and implement change. Run successfully at Kings Park Junior Campus, Copperfield plan to roll out the Teach the Teacher program at both the Sydenham Junior Campus and Delahey Senior Campus.