Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional development program for teachers.
See how it works at St Patrick’s Primary School

Who’s involved?

18 Grade 5 & 6 students supported by a teacher. 

All teachers attended. 

What’s it all about?

St Patrick’s Primary School is a small Catholic co-educational primary school in Lilydale. 

The school had just finished a Catholic Education Melbourne project “Students as Researchers” and were looking for a way to meaningfully use the data they had collected from the students at their school. Teach the Teacher was the ideal next step.  

During the VicSRC facilitated training workshop, students analysed their data to reveal that bullying was the issue that most students identified as most important.  

With the support of their teacher, the students prepared their Professional Development session for their teachers involving a number of creative activities to encourage ongoing engagement. They discussed the questions:  

“What does bullying mean to you?” 

“What strategies can students use to have the power to stop bullying?” 

“What can we do to prevent or minimise bullying at our school?” 




Develop strategies to minimise bullying 


  • Commitments from the teachers to take more initiative in asking students how they could make them feel safe and stopping inappropriate conversations and games 
  • A Celebrate Uniqueness house afternoon for the whole school, organised by students

Next Steps

Students reported feeling empowered by the process and teachers reported that the students were mature, responsible and articulate in their thoughts and ideas. St Patrick’s Primary School plans to develop a “mutual trust” campaign to continue their work with Teach the Teacher.