Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional development program for teachers.
See how it works at Point Cook Secondary College

Who’s Involved?

16 students from all year levels volunteered to join the Teach the Teacher team as an advisory group, supported by the Student Engagement Coordinator. 

16 students facilitated the session with 3 leading teachers and the AP, who were invited to participate. 

What’s it all about?

With a purpose to support and encourage young adult learners to achieve their maximum potential, Point Cook Senior Secondary College has used the Teach the Teacher program to engage and support students and to foster continuous growth for all. 

By creating an opportunity for open dialogue, students were able to discuss the topics and teachers were able to respond and identify why some things were the way they were. 

Flow diagram outlining the timeline for teach the teacher


Students identified the following topic/s for their session:  

  • The high prices of the canteen food and drinks 
  • Access to toilets 


  • Improve student-teacher relationships and build a better foundation for open communication and feedback
  • Achieve the objective of student leadership meetings and coming to a positive conclusion
  • Hear the perspective of students and teachers, on what makes a teacher more approachable
  • Get the external locks of the toilet doors open, so students don’t need to ask for teachers’ permission
  • Reduce the prices of the school canteen

Next Steps

Point Cook Senior Secondary College have committed to run the Teach the Teacher again next year and give all students the opportunity to join. With a strong focus on in-house mentoring and leadership training, Teach the Teacher provides an additional opportunity for students to extend themselves and further develop leadership qualities. Teach the Teacher also gives students a chance to mentor students new to the school and program, which suits a senior school environment.