Mount Waverley Secondary College

Who's involved? THE TEAM 9 student leaders in Year 11, supported by the Leader of Programs and Student Leadership.  THE STUDENT-TEACHER SESSION Session 1 had 30 teachers participate; Session 2 had 20 teachers.  What's it all about? The Teach the Teacher team aims to improve student-teacher relationships and enhance teaching and learning outcomes [...]

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Bayside P-12 College Case Study

Who's involved? THE TEAM From Year 7 to Year 9 supported by the SRC Coordinator. THE STUDENT-TEACHER SESSION Students led the session during at an all staff meeting. What's it all about? We participated in the Teach the Teacher program as a means of increasing the student voice at our campus. It was met [...]

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Point Cook Senior Secondary College Case Study

Who's Involved? THE TEAM 16 students from all year levels volunteered to join the Teach the Teacher team as an advisory group, supported by the Student Engagement Coordinator.  THE STUDENT-TEACHER SESSION 16 students facilitated the session with 3 leading teachers and the AP, who were invited to participate.  What's it all about? With [...]

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St Patrick’s Primary School Case Study

Who's involved? THE TEAM 18 Grade 5 & 6 students supported by a teacher.  THE STUDENT-TEACHER SESSION All teachers attended.  What's it all about? St Patrick’s Primary School is a small Catholic co-educational primary school in Lilydale.  The school had just finished a Catholic Education Melbourne project “Students as Researchers” and were looking [...]

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McClelland College Case Study

Who's involved? THE TEAM The 2018 Student Representative Council (SRC) Student Voice Team is made up of representatives of all students at the college. THE STUDENT-TEACHER SESSION 18 students presented and facilitated from across Years 7 to 12, with representation from VCAL and international students and the majority of college staff were present. What's [...]

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Copperfield College Case Study

Who's involved? THE TEAM 12 students from the SRC in all year levels applied to join the Teach the Teacher team, supported by the SRC in all year levels applied to join the Teach the Teacher team, supported by the SRC Coordinator, Thao Pham. THE STUDENT-TEACHER SESSION 4 students (two Year 9s and two Year 10s) facilitated [...]

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