Do students actually teach teachers?2019-04-02T03:57:30+00:00

Teach the Teacher isn’t about students teaching teachers how to teach.
It’s about students initiating a constructive dialogue between teachers and students allowing for a better understanding of matters that affect students’ education. This results in the opportunity for change that is supported by both teachers and students.

How do I access the online course?2019-08-22T01:33:14+00:00

We are working hard to develop a brand new online experience for Teach the Teacher. This will allow more schools to participate in the program and support our existing offerings. If you are interested in finding out more, follow this link to submit an expression of interest form. 

Who runs the Teach the Teacher program at our school?2019-04-02T04:01:03+00:00

Students run the program! With the support of their SRC Coordinator (or likewise) and the VicSRC, students form a Teach the Teacher team and lead the whole process. Register for our online course for advice and resources to support your whole Teach the Teacher journey.

How long does the student-led Professional Development (PD) session for teachers go for?2019-04-02T04:01:59+00:00

Most schools run the session for around 1 hour but it depends on your school’s schedule and the topic you are presenting.

Will teachers want to participate in this?2019-04-02T04:02:29+00:00

Most teachers already participate in PD sessions that are targeted towards new and alternative teaching methods. Teach the Teacher is not only an innovative method that will arouse teacher curiosity but it will also allow them to gain new insight into the school environment from the people it effects the most; their students.

What will happen if the teachers don’t agree with what we say?2019-04-02T04:02:52+00:00

In most cases, teachers will be open to what students have to say and be open to new ideas presented through Teach the Teacher. However if there is resistance, attempt to reword your question and try a different line of approach. Perhaps a question is too direct and needs to be a little more open to encourage discussion and collaborative creative thinking.

How can we initiate open communication between students and teachers without anyone feeling criticised?2019-04-02T04:03:18+00:00

The key to creating open and honest communication is to respect everyone’s opinion. Everyone has an equal voice and has the right to have input. It’s important to encourage discussion instead of delivering lectures. Think about the best classes you attend at school and try out some techniques in your Professional Development session!

What has the impact been on other schools with this program?2019-04-02T04:03:45+00:00

Teach the Teacher has provided schools with an inclusive method of communication where teachers and students are able to discuss the best methods for improving learning and the school environment that will benefit both parties. For more specific examples please read our case studies.

How can we ensure our Teach the Teacher program initiates long term change in our school?2019-04-02T04:05:39+00:00

By setting clear timelines and mutual agreed goals between the teachers and students, it provides the opportunity for all parties to be accountable and commit to specific action plans. Planning an evaluation session at the project’s end date will help students and teachers to reflect on the process and update action plans if necessary.