Topic Progress:

Now that you’ve written your own description of the program, who do you need to inform?

What’s the best way to let each of these key stakeholders know about it?

(And what do we mean by stakeholders? Stakeholders are all the people or groups that are involved in or share an interest in the program.)

Students, principals, teachers and school council all play an important part in the program and should be told you’re wanting to run it at your school. They will be able to provide ideas and suggestions about how it can be run best within your setting.

So, what’s the best way to do this? Each group of stakeholders may be different and respond better to different approaches. Brainstorm different ways to let the school community know.

Some ideas include arranging a meeting with your principal, speaking to students in homeroom sessions or at assembly, write a story for your newsletter, design a poster, make a video… You may even arrange to speak at your next school council meeting.

Your first stop should be our Teach the Teacher: Explainer video. This video will give you a great snapshot of what the program is (and isn’t) all about.

We have great videos that showcases how Mount Waverley Secondary College and Roxburgh College ran Teach the Teacher in their first year.

You may also like to share this article written for The Underage by one our #VicSRCVoices contributors, Chester Ngan.

  1. Write a list of all the people you need to inform?
  2. Have a go at putting together your first draft or version of your chosen communication approach for each stakeholder
  3. Start spreading the word!