Topic Progress:

First things first… let’s understand what the Teach the Teacher program is.

Written by students, the Teach the Teacher program is a student-led professional learning program for teachers, where everyone has a voice.

Teach the Teacher provides a space for students, teachers and principals to connect, explore and share ideas in a constructive and judgement free environment.

By giving students a greater say in their education Teach the Teacher aims to create a positive community for all.

Have a read through the website and take a look at how other schools have run their program.

Here’s what other students had to say:

“Teach the Teacher is an opportunity for students to engage with teachers about any issues around the school and work together to fix or improve things”
– year 10 student, Brauer College

“A program where students and teachers can have valuable conversations and learn about each other, whether that’s learning and teaching styles or feelings”
– year 11 student, Genazzano FCJ College

“A program developed to encourage strong communication between students and teachers. It is run through the use of student-led conversations”
– year 9 student, Ringwood Secondary College

“Students and teachers working together to find solutions”
– year 8 student, Portland Secondary College

How will you describe Teach the Teacher?

  • Have a go at writing your own description of the Teach the Teacher program now. “Teach the Teacher is…”