When does it all happen?

It’s entirely up to you.

Planning a timeline is really important so you know how  and when your 7 step Teach the Teacher program will run at your school.

Talk to your support teacher and principal about the best way for your school to implement Teach the Teacher.

Teach the Teacher can take as much or as little time as you can commit to it. But for the program to be valuable, you will need to plan your timeline.

See our suggested timeline below as a guide for planning your program. 

Within the program there are different steps that help prepare students for the next activity, these are included in the content of the online course and outlined below. 

Suggested timeline

Term 1


What’s the big idea?

Explore the Teach the Teacher website, check out what other schools are doing and register your interest to get your school involved!

Term 2


And so the conversation begins…

Form your committee, enrol in our online course and participate in a Teach the Teacher intro session.


Get ready for new ideas!

Participate in a Teach the Teacher training workshop at school to help prepare and plan your Professional Development session with your teachers.

Term 3


Time to start the conversation!

Deliver your Teach the Teacher Professional Development Session for your teachers and start the collaboration!


Plan for positive change

Debrief with the team to consolidate the ideas from the session.
Identify what steps are needed for making positive change.
Develop a strategy for change and set goals.

Term 4


Taking the next step

Implementing your strategy. How can students and teachers continue to work together to create this positive change?


Make a lasting impact

Report to all stakeholders (students, teachers, principals and VicSRC) about how you are enacting change. We love sharing your reports with other schools so include photos and videos if you can!