Who does what?

Teach the Teacher is a collaborative process where students work with teachers, principals and the VicSRC.

Students, teachers, principals and the VicSRC all play an active role in managing and supporting the Teach the Teacher program at your school.


Students take the lead in organising all aspects of the Teach the Teacher program, from establishing a Teach the Teacher committee, representing other students, promoting the program and regularly attending meetings.

Students are responsible for liaising regularly with their support teacher to make sure everything’s running smoothly and seeking assistance when required.

“Teach the Teacher has been an eye-opener for me because it allowed me to see, understand and appreciate the art of teaching and learning”
– Student, year 12


Teachers play a lead role in supporting their students to organise the Teach the Teacher program. They help students liaise with school leadership and the VicSRC, invite teachers to the professional learning session, distribute and collect evaluation, book training days and give general guidance and support.

“Often we need to be reminded as teachers that it’s not what we do but how we do it. It made our group just revisit what we were doing in class and to remind ourselves of all the options out there that we can use to teach,”
– Tonia Douglas-Scarfe, Teacher – Melbourne Girls’ College


Principals play an essential role in emphasising the importance of the Teach the Teacher program in reviewing school practices. They show their support by agreeing to run a Teach the Teacher program in their school, by encouraging the contribution of all participants, and by committing to seriously consider outcomes and recommended strategies. They can make it part of the school’s strategic planning and ongoing professional development program, the way Melbourne Girls’ College did.

“I couldn’t recommend it more highly, I think it’s a great project to be involved in and having people like the VicSRC working with the students, so it’s not just people from within your own school is really powerful,”
– Karen Wade, Mount Waverley Secondary College, College Principal

The VicSRC

The VicSRC provides guidance and support to students and teachers in the planning, preparation and development of the Teach the Teacher program. The VicSRC delivers a webinar and facilitates a workshop for the students so they feel confident and prepared for their professional learning session with their teachers. The VicSRC liaises directly with students, teachers, principals and government departments to ensure the Teach the Teacher program is a positive experience for everyone and promotes authentic student voice.