Creating positive communities
through student-led conversation

What is ‘Teach the Teacher’?

Written by students, the Teach the Teacher program is a student-led professional learning program for teachers, where everyone has a voice.

Teach the Teacher provides a space for students, teachers and principals to connect, explore and share ideas in a constructive and judgement free environment.

By giving students a greater say in their education Teach the Teacher aims to create a positive community for all.

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Designed by students.
Run by students.

Why ‘Teach the Teacher’?

Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional development program for teachers

Teach the Teacher

We recognise that students are at the centre of education. They are the ones with the unique perspective. They are the ones sitting in the classroom everyday and have ideas about what works and ways to improve teaching and learning, to make education even better.

The program supports the development of stronger and more effective student-teacher relationships, explores improvements in teaching and learning processes and is tailored to suit the needs of your school.

You choose your topics and set your own goals to achieve what you want to achieve.

Teach the Teacher:

  • empowers students to have impact on their education and school environment
  • encourages meaningful student participation and contribution to the learning process
  • engages the whole school community with a collaborative approach to change
  • enhances school values by focusing on what matters to your school

“Teach the Teacher is great for teaching, learning, communication, and building trust and respect. It will help develop, engage and clarify student voice,”
– Peter Geekie, SRC liaison teacher, Apollo Bay P-12

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Driving change

Students drive the conversation, drive the topics, and drive change to make education even better. Here’s how it starts

Students are empowered to have a greater say in decisions that affect their learning and their lives at school, and are given the tools to engage the wider student body to give all students a chance to be heard.

Through an existing Student Representative Council (SRC) or other student-run organisation, students design and oversee the entire Teach the Teacher program.

With the support of the teacher, principal and the VicSRC, students will attend a training workshop with VicSRC, facilitate a professional learning session with their teachers and follow up about key learnings and plan for how they can drive change.

“It’s all about student voice, and encouraging student voice in a school. I think most principals would be really open to that,”
– Karen Wade, Principal, Mount Waverley Secondary College

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Then register your interest for the Teacher the Teacher program and gain access to all resources and support. Our project officer will get in touch to talk you through how Teach the Teacher can work best at your school and officially welcome you to the program!

We’re here to support you all the way

Written by students, Teach the Teacher is an innovative program supported by the Victorian Student Representative Council with funding from the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

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