Students & teachers making lasting positive impact

Student-led professional development for teachers is an exciting opportunity for all to engage in constructive conversations.

Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional development program for teachers and school staff.

Through a student-run group students design and implement the entire Teach the Teacher program.

With the support of teachers and school leadership, students undertake VicSRC training to develop and facilitate a professional development session for their teachers and school leadership based around an issue prevalent and important to the student body, and learn how to turn the solutions developed from this session into a plan of action to drive change.

Intended as a program that can be run and improved upon every year, Teach the Teacher also includes impact evaluation, program reflection and reporting. Teach the Teacher starts with conversations, but it’s not just all talk. This program is a commitment to listen to the voices of students, to take their concerns seriously, and to build student-teacher partnerships for school improvement.

An internationally recognised innovation in education, Teach the Teacher is uniquely placed to support schools in empowering student voice in all elements of learning and teaching to improve student and educational outcomes.

Who Benefits? Everyone

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Teach the Teacher supports the development of stronger and more effective student-teacher relationships, explores improvements in teaching and learning practices and is tailored to suit the needs of your school.

So, who benefits? Everyone!

Teach the Teacher aims to create positive whole-school communities through student-led conversation. By giving students a greater say in their education, the program promotes an inclusive and positive school culture where everyone’s voices are equally heard.

Participants in Teach the Teacher – students, teachers, school leadership – develop communication and problem-solving skills through a range of active and reflective activities.

They have the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer teaching and learning to develop:

  • collaborative school culture
  • student-led, positive discussions with teachers and staff
  • solution-focused cooperation between students and teachers

How it all began

“Students have different learning needs and students understand best how they learn. If teachers understand this, students will learn better.”

The Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) is the peak body representing school-aged students in Victoria. We facilitate student-led advocacy in schools and community, advocating for positive change in every aspect of education, and we provide resources and events for students and educators, contributing to positive education and wellbeing outcomes.

Teach the Teacher was originally developed by Edison Ponari and Denara Amat, members of the 2011 – 2012 VicSRC Student Executive following a proposal at VicSRC’s 2011 Congress. Over a year, the proposal was developed and tested to determine what the program would cover, how to pitch it to schools, what to do after the professional development session and how to document results to ensure all schools could benefit from individual schools’ experiences.

The first official Teach the Teacher was held at Melbourne Girls’ College in 2011. After receiving an extremely positive response, MGC have continued to run the program yearly, and Teach the Teacher is now an integral part of the school’s strategic planning. Bundoora Secondary College soon followed suit, running Teach the Teacher in 2012.

Ready to get started?

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