Topic Progress:
Here is an example of a brief explanation on what the session is about, what its aims are and what it is asking of the teachers:

Good afternoon teachers

Welcome to the first ever Teach the Teacher course run at (insert school name here).

The SRC/Student Leadership Team appreciates and thanks you for your time and for allowing us to run this workshop.

You will divide up into groups and two leadership students will lead you to a different room. Each group will be given a different topic to discuss amongst themselves. There are five topics and each topic comes from the views of the (insert school name here) students on what they believe are problems or issues in their classrooms.

The aim of this course is for you, the teachers, to discuss amongst yourselves and with two leadership students, solutions that you can find to these problems or ways to lessen their impact in the students’ classroom. In your groups, questions will be asked by the leadership students and, through the answers to these questions, solutions will hopefully be found.

The student leadership team will then table and report these solutions back to the teachers and students and we would like you to implement them in your classes to aim for positive change. All of the questions asked today of you are the views of the students and these were taken during a mentor session a couple of weeks ago.

The student leadership team thanks you for your time and co-operation.

Hello and welcome to the second Teach the Teacher course. The SRC/Student Leadership Team would like to thank you for your cooperation in the first Teach the Teacher course – which was a great success. It came up with some great ideas and it was good to have students and teachers discussing these together.

However now in this course, there is a slight twist: the students will not be asking the teachers the questions but the other way around.

You – the teachers – will now have a chance to ask the students questions about what you believe are issues in the classroom and how we – the students – believe these issues can be resolved.

We hope you have brought your questions with you as we have some answers ready.

(Now explain the icebreaker.)

(After you finish explaining the icebreaker, split the teachers off into their original groups from the first Teach the Teacher session.)